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Note: All candles are hand made and made one at a time.
We try to make the candles look as similar as possible in the picture.
Classic Wedding Candles
We cater all your candle needs, for every special occasion in your life! Today's weddings are not complete without the extra touches that make them memorable. Our "Bridal Signature Wedding Collection" offers a complete selection of heart-stopping, breath-taking, memory-making candles for a wedding no one will ever forget!

Tri-Unity Candle:
(Service & Tradition ) The unity candle service is popular in churches of all denominations due to its special meaning.  The two candle tapers represent both of the families and are lit by one or two representatives (mother or parents) from each family.  This generally occurs after the bride walks down the aisle and the wedding party gathers in front of the minister (timing can be flexible ).  After the wedding vows are exchanged, the bride and groom each take the two lit tapers and light the center candle together .  This signifies the unity of both families and the start of a new life together.  Later, the unity candle will be a focal point of the married couple's home. It can  be re-lit each year on their wedding anniversary,  and  promises to each other can be renewed; a tradition the couple will cherish.  This classic candle centerpiece is double layered with ribbon  and bow cuts that are cut according to your colors and special request.  Designed especially for wedding day remembrance, this candle helps preserve meaningful memories.

Wedding Tapers:
These wedding tapers are elegant and delicate; adding a soft touch of class to any of our unity candle settings for the perfect wedding.  They are hand-dipped and carved in pairs for the perfect match. (See page on Tapers)

This "When Love Comes Together" unity candle is designed to mirror that of a loving marriage.  As each part is created, this "one-of-a-kind" cut is shaped to match perfectly only to its other half.  After the ceremony, a "keeper lace ring" decorated with ribbon, floral, and pearls is used to gently hold the two parts of the candle together,  symbolizing a strengthening of the marriage vows.

Two-Part Unity Candle:
The lighting of the unity candle has long been a beautiful tradition, symbolizing the joining of two lives into one.   This unusual oval candle has two separate halves; Both sides have one half of a heart indentation holding a two part wedding invitation.  Each side has a 3" wick symbolized the trinity, body, mind & soul of an individual.  Symbolized that all of both individuals will become equally yoked.  Remember: (A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart. Ecclesiastes 4:12)
During the ceremony, the two halves are placed side by side on the alter with the heart front facing the congregation.  After the bride and groom each light their separate part of the candle, the candle halves are brought together to join as one candle.  The two separate flames become one, and the two part heart also becomes one !

Tuxedo Wedding Candle:
This bold basic candle reflects style and striking distinction with its classic black tie and black tuxedo look.  Unexpected elegance and unforgettable effects are combined in a design sculptured in pure white inside with solid black outside.  They are available plain or with your choice of wedding bells or doves nestled on the front.   Stir the senses with a charismatic combination of a striking black and white.   For the dynamic couple with their own brand of passion. 
Bride and Groom Candle:
What bride and groom would not cherish this beautifully sculptured designer candle? It features a bride and groom centered in a heart and  accented with satin roses and pearl trimmed bows.  The hand-sculptured design resembles that of double layered ribbons and bows.

Anniversary Candles:
Warm and lasting memories from sharing a lifetime of love will be rekindled each time these personalized anniversary candles are used.  These candles are custom tailored to your own specifications to represent the love and caring you wish to extend.  The perfect centerpiece at any anniversary party or dinner.  Our anniversary candles are available in five styles.  #1)  "Happy Anniversary" stencil, #2) our unique "Numbered Anniversary" candles, with ages numbered from 1-25, 26-50, 51-75, A great gift to be burned a "year" at a time, #3) "Anniversary Stencils" in five year increments from 25 to 50, #4) any of our "Anniversary Messages" can be applied to our crescent design, #5) or the "Last Minute Anniversary" candle that you can personalize with your own wording or a picture of your choice.  (Same as last minute crescent.)

Last Minute Crescent & Oval Wedding Message Candles:
Confident and classy, these beautiful candles can be engraved with the wording of your wedding invitation or wedding picture framed in fine pearls and iridescent floral. The colorful accents will bring your invitation or picture to life.  Observe this tradition in a very elegant and personal way.  Designed specifically for the "last minute customer" who needs an immediate personalized gift. These candles are easily personalized. By removing the clear frame secured to the candle with pearl pins, the bride  and groom's picture, invitation or special message is trimmed, using ours as a guide, and  placed behind the frame. These candles are great to record that special moment. The print on the invitation must not exceed 2 inches from the total outer parameter of the candle. If the invitation is too large or small it can be shrunk or enlarged at your local printer, ( if you choose to do the personalizing ). You may also choose to apply one of our romantic verses that can be personalized with your name and a specified date.  Thank Your Parents For Your Wedding:  Use this "special event " to thank your parents and your fiancée's parents with a Classic Crescent or Oval Candle for their meaningful contributions to your wedding.  This poem can be changed to apply to a single parent,

Bridesmaid Gift-Heart Candles:
These candles are special gifts for special people, and hearts show you Care! They compliment the wedding candles and make excellent bridesmaids gifts. They are also a perfect way to say "thank-you". Doesn't every girl love a heart? Any of our sculptured candles make nice bridesmaid gifts too.

Reception Table Centerpiece Candles:
Create a  sophisticated radiant centerpiece at your reception with any of our beautifully glazed candle sculptures.  The small and standard sculptures are our most popular sizes.  They are available plain or with your choice of wedding bells or doves nestled on the front.  Surround the sculptures with your personal wedding floral, adding a touch of elegance to create lastingmemories.

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