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Business Established in 1980
Note: All candles are hand made and made one at a time.
We try to make the candles look as similar as possible in the picture.
The Memorial Candle:
May be given as a special remembrance, a thoughtful gift to a friend or family to help ease the grieving process.  We offer three different and very unique styles on our crescent and oval shaped candles. Our basic Christian Cross, or our most popular one, the Old Testament Verse.

Bible Verse

To everything there is a season and
a time to every purpose under the heavens.
A time to be born and a time to die;
a time to plant and a time to pluck
up that which is planted.

"In Loving Memory Of"
(Name & Date)
Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2

Personalizing of the Memorial Candle:
Each candle has a space for the name of the deceased under the "In Loving Memory Of " part of the design.

"Eternal Light Design:"
This very special candle is designed to be used for many years by the family; therefore, it is hand-poured in a special way.  A glass votive oil lamp is inserted in the top of the candle. ( Optional ) It may be used forever by simply refilling the oil chamber.

Funeral/Memorial Candles (Service & Tradition):
Historically the lighting of candles during mourning have been a practice of most religions of the world.  Its soft warm light makes the initial feeling of emptiness just a little "less empty", a reminder of faith in the after-life.  Its use has remained steadfast through-out the centuries.  This personalized funeral candle has deep significance to families and is brought home to be used by them as a source of comfort after the funeral service. It may also be used as a memorial to be burned on the alter on the anniversary of a death. 

Use of the Memorial Candle at the funeral:
This memorial candle may be used in many ways at the funeral.  Some like to have it lit by the quest book; others prefer to have the candle burning near the casket during visitation. It is then used during the church service, and afterward taken home by the family.

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