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Business Established in 1980
Note: All candles are hand made and made one at a time.
We try to make the candles look as similar as possible in the picture.
Lighthouse Candles:
The centuries old function of the lighthouse was to provide the mariner with an identifiable sea mark by day and by night, giving him positional information by means of illumination, warning him of hazard. After the 1st century A.D, candles or oil lamps were used in lanterns with panes of glass.

In 1782 a swiss scientist, Aime Argand, invented an oil lamp whose steady smokeless flame revolutionized lighthouse illumination. The basis of his invention was a circular wick with a glass chimney that ensured an adequate current of air up the center to the outside of the wick for even and proper combustion of the oil. The arqand lamp became the principal lighthouse illuminant for over 100 years. A few are still in use.

Our authentic Classic
Lighthouse Candles are made as close to the original lighthouse of  antiquity design. The top lantern portion can be made with mini oil lamp (optional). When lit, it glows through what resembles glass window panes. The middle portion shows the endless horizon with fluffy white clouds and seagulls in flight. The base portion or "stump" shows the sparkling ocean and/or the warm sandy beaches covered in seashells. The lighthouses are available in 3 sizes and 4 colors.

Tropical Scenic Globe Candles:
From the sandy beaches of the islands to the deep blue depths of the ocean, we have a candle that's sure to set the mood. Just light the candle and turn our the lights. The glowing effect is unbelievable! On the tropical island scene, the sun or moon actually lights up, glowing through the palm trees on the beach. On the ocean scene, the flame lights the outer sea scene and gives the illusion of the ocean moving. We offer 2 of both designs, available in 1 size and 4 colors each.

Seashell Candle Basket:
Special candles that are designed and molded with much care and craftsmanship, to resemble real seashells. This beautifully decorated basket is filled with 4 assorted delicately scented shells, in our favorite pastel colors. The shells consist of a Counch, Fusi, Murex, Ram, and a Nautilus.
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Lighthouse Candles