Candlemaker VA
(757) 4 CANDLE or (757) 422-6353
Business Established in 1980
Note: All candles are hand made and made one at a time.
We try to make the candles look as similar as possible in the picture.
A Message From

"The Candlemaker"

"It's an old, old art....

For many centuries now, people have loved the gentle warm glow of a candle flame.

Our sculptured candles are unique and individually designed and hand crafted with pride. The artisans at Candleware follow very closely the methods used by Colonial Craftsman.

The cut and curl carvings give off a magical glowing effect upon lighting. Each candle is unique; a one of a kind product of a skilled chandler's ancient art.

You can use our candles to radiate warmth and beauty in your home on those special occasions when candles just seem to be needed.

You can brighten table settings, shelves, mantels, and rooms, with them every day. And, for friends and loved ones, they make the most gracious gifts.

No matter how you use our candles-enjoy them!"

Warmest regards,

Michael and Angela Sullivan

Owners of The Candlemaker