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Business Established in 1980
Note: All candles are hand made and made one at a time.
We try to make the candles look as similar as possible in the picture.
Tropical Scenic Ball Candles:
From the sandy beaches of the islands the deep blue depths of the ocean, we have a candle that's sure to set the mood.  Just light the candle and turn out the lights. The glowing effect is unbelievable! On the tropical island scene, the sun or moon actually lights up, glowing through the palm trees on the beach.  On the ocean scene, the light shines through the dolphins, fish, jellyfish and sea weed designs.  The outer sea scene gives the illusion of the ocean moving.  We offer 3 of both designs, available in 2 size and 4 colors each. 

Desert Ball Candles:
This ball candle is a reflection of a southwestern desert sunset.  Just light it and enjoy the wolf howling at the glow of the moon with the serine setting of cactus and mountains carved into the background of this candle,  It is available in 2 sizes and 2 colors.

Ball Shaped Spring Flower Candles:
These big bright delightful flowers make a cheerful statement anywhere they are displayed.  Just light the candle and turn out the lights.  The flower blossom seems to come to life, with illumination dancing through the petals, as the flame flickers in the dark! They are available in 2 sizes and 40 colors.
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