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Business Established in 1980
Note: All candles are hand made and made one at a time.
We try to make the candles look as similar as possible in the picture.

The Art of Sculptured Candle Carving

It's an old art . . .
More than 200 years ago, artisans in the American colonies were highly skilled at crafting household objects by hand. Among them were silversmiths, iron forgers, cabinet makers, glass blowers, and candle makers. The 18th-Century chandler's perfected ways of carving, peeling, and shaping molten wax into intricate designs. By building up layers of color, they created candles that were beautiful as well as practical. The artisans at the "Candlemaker" follow very closely the methods used by Colonial Craftsman.

You can own your own "Candlemaker" Business by learning the secret to a fun and successful profession . . .    

The "Candlemaker"

is not just a retail store!

It's a unique one-of-a-kind

process produced through

visual on site

presentations of

Carved Candle


This "Sculptured Candle Making Business" is not only fun, but personally rewarding. If you enjoy people, are outgoing, like working with your hands, and have some business understanding.  The "Candlemaker" may be able to provide the opportunity and tools for you to achieve personal success.

Investing In A Sculptured Candle Making Business

How much does a "Candlemaker" Business cost?  The start-up cost is about $15,000 to $30,000. Included in this start-up cost is the training fee of $8,000 and advanced training (optional) of $6,000 (divided into two separate courses at $3,000 each), as well as the cost of store build out, equipment, supplies, inventory, insurance, rental fees, and working capital.

What makes a "Candlemaker" Business better than any Candle Franchise offered today?  We believe in offering a business that contributes more to your community.  The two leading candle Franchises only teach you the business basics and where to purchase your inventory. A Franchise takes you on a royalty ride that drains your profits.  Our motto is that you earned it, you keep it.  The "Candlemaker" teaches you how to make many types of candles in front of your customers that entertain your customer audience.  We also show you how to teach fun candle-making workshops, for all ages, to your community and that is how we became known as the "Candlemaker".  Our philosophy is of old time values, great team spirit and community involvement.  We offer a business structure similar to a franchise without all the cost attached.

What type of work will I do?  Carving and designing candles with your own hands while providing entertainment to your customers. This makes the candle profession one of the most exciting and enjoyable businesses in which to work. Other activities associated with store operations include management, marketing, public relations, store set-up, etc.

Do I need any experience?  Definitely NOT.  The "Candlemaker" Business trainees are taught the artistry of sculptured candle carving and how to effectively use the process to capture customer interest in the store.  A desire to operate your own business coupled with an understanding of basic business principles is all you need. We'll train you to do the rest.  We offer one on one training in core and carved candle making, supervised practice, sources for materials and equipment and help with store design and set up.

How does the "Candlemaker" Company support me?  You will receive both start-up support and on-going support?  You will receive a top quality education in the field of candle making, covering every possible aspect of the business. Our instructors are excellent and will be happy to give you personal assistance with any special needs, even years after your store is open.  Please call us at  (757) 4-CANDLE or 422-6353 for additional information about our Sculptured Candle Making Course as a Business.  
Open An Exciting Candle Business Of Your Own!